(Pardon the grammar, but these are just quick write-ups of my dreams.
They are not essays or great works of literature. Just dreams, folks. Don't be hatin'.)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Zombie Buffalo Fly


Zombie outbreak. I'm with my parents, KRN and Naked Bob, and we all run down to the basement of the building we're in. Which happens to be a cafeteria type place and there are a lot of people down there sitting at the picnic-style cafeteria tables.

Including Danny G. He's been crying. We hug for a long time. Then we go smoke cigarettes.

I decide that I'm going to get out of there. Out of town. Away from the zombies. I get in my car and head out of town. As are many, many others. Up ahead I notice brake lights as far as the eye can see. So I decide I have to turn around.
When I left my parents there were no signs of zombies, but as I got back to where they were, masses of the undead wandered about.

I ran through throngs of living dead and one woman zombie ended up helping me get back into the building through her connection with Bruce.

I get down to the basement area. It's now furnished and there are only a handful of us, including my parents and Danny plus an old guy and a young guy. The young guy is kind of a jerk. The old guy is super helpful. We really seal ourselves into this place. We get settled and turn on the television to see if there's news.

All that's on, ON EVERY CHANNEL, are zombie movies. Day of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead. Like it's some kind of joke.

Days pass. The zombies disappear. We move about the building more. I move a bed over a vent to the basement. The old man helps.
There's a sign with two names on it: Bruce (my zombie man-friend) and Bub (a nod to Day of the Dead's trained zombie).

Back in the basement, my dad opens the door leading to the outside. He goes out quickly and grabs a tiny buffalo. He traps it in a cage in the basement.

The buffalo continues to get smaller and smaller and fits inside a toy airplane. I make it play with me and other toys.

It still gets smaller and smaller until it's now a fruit fly.

The games are now arcade games that I'm playing against the fly. I win the game, brag a bit, and the fly takes off.

I go all around the arcade, find my brother, and ask if he's seen my fly pal. He hasn't.

I go back to the game we were playing and the fly is there, playing with someone else. I try to apologize, but it takes off again.

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