(Pardon the grammar, but these are just quick write-ups of my dreams.
They are not essays or great works of literature. Just dreams, folks. Don't be hatin'.)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Football Dream-dreaming


First Dream:

I’m back at college and I run into Betsy (college Betsy, duh). I ask her where she lived the first two years of college and she tells me this dorm that doesn’t exist in real life. I tell her that I’ve never heard of it, and she’s all, I used to live right near Dustin L (who I did not go to college with). She tells me it’s right down the hill, so we walk over to it.

In front of the dorm a ton of people are playing football. Next to the dorm is a children’s cancer hospital. All the kids are outside watching the football game. Like, sitting in front of the hospital, on the hospital roof, just everywhere outside the hospital watching the game.

Then Counselor Lee (Ug Lee, as it were, from Salute Your Shorts) comes outside and yells at everyone to stop playing football. That somehow it’s inappropriate for the cancer kids to watch it because it’s so violent.

The game disperses.

Then a couple of people are back out front of the dorm taking photos. They’re taking them in a way that looks like someone is grabbing them (to incriminate Ug), but it’s just their own hands.

The photos are being taken by a chimpanzee who is jumping around wielding a Polaroid camera.

Second Dream:
I’m hanging out with Sally and her mom, Susan. And they’re talking about Nick and why is he being dumb and it should be me and blah blah blah.

And then Nick is there. And I’m all, I should totally kiss him, and then I don’t because he has a girlfriend.

And then in my dream, I realize that I had just been dreaming about Nick and that even in my dreams I can’t make out with him. I get mad at myself for not dreaming about making out. I have morals even in my subconscious.

Then I’m back in a room with Sal and Susan and they’re both cooking, but separate meals. And they’re both using citrus. And they’re squeezing it and the oils are igniting in the air and it’s neato.

Then I’m hanging out with some chick and we’re talking about fake nails and she wants nails that are mocha colored. And there’s a candle the color she wants right in front of us.

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