(Pardon the grammar, but these are just quick write-ups of my dreams.
They are not essays or great works of literature. Just dreams, folks. Don't be hatin'.)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ghostbusting Ninja Chocolate


(I can only remember bits and pieces)

I'm in an office of meteorologists.
Then it's an academic building full of students. There's the professor's office with a dry erase board on the door with students' names and scores next to them. Some of them even have the word "best".
I go to the door with a female student and notice that Edward didn't do so hot (which is probably good because Edward is into turkeys and not weather). Next to my name is a high score and "best". I'm told that I could have done better, but I kept getting demerits for running around in my underwear.
Another student, who looks like Samantha, asks me how I did it; how I turned my score around to be one of the "best". I tell her that I just started being a good student and stopped partying so much.

Later I'm on a computer and get an instant message from Sam saying she did it. She's one of the "best".

Then there's this huge party thing outside and there are just mobs of people dancing and having a good time. Sam comes and finds me and tells me that they need someone to be Janine in Ghostbusters.
I go up this huge spiral staircase and am now Janine.
For a while it's basically just the babysitting scene in Ghostbusters 2.

(I wake up)

I'm back in the loft area place where the spiral staircase led to, but now it's an office and I'm in an office suit and I'm carrying boxes and other office things.
Turns out that I'm an intern for Jon Stewart. At first I'm trying way to hard and just pissing everyone off. But then I relax and everything is cream cheese.

I go over to the balcony edge thing of the building to stop this woman from summoning a ninja. But I'm too late. The ninja crashes through the building. There's a lot of smoke and screaming. The place starts to remind me of the TGRI lab in TMNT 2.

Three people are dead. A young black girl, Jay-Z's nephew, and some white dude. I guess I'm closest with the black girl because I help her sister put her into a coffin and carry it out to a truck.
I ask their mom if she wants to grab her nice clothes so she can be dressed nicely. Her mom says it'll be a closed casket. No one will care what she's wearing.

Back in the office, there are all these conveyor belts going everywhere bringing people their work. From one end comes this gold-foil wrapped chocolate. It makes its way through the office and ends up at the sister of the girl who died. She unwraps it and it says that she's won a jacket. She just needs to punch in this four digit code.

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