(Pardon the grammar, but these are just quick write-ups of my dreams.
They are not essays or great works of literature. Just dreams, folks. Don't be hatin'.)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Riverfront Kickout w/ Cats


My parents kicked me out of their house.

So I went looking for an apartment. But guess what? They're all shit. All of them.
Then someone tells me about this house that some dude is looking for someone to live in. I check it out, and it's really nice, but it's not winterized. So I could only live there for a couple months.

When I try to leave the house there are tons of cats that I can't let out. Of course some do escape.

(The dream was just super ultra frustrating. And it started my day off shitty.)

(Also, there was way more to this dream, involving rivers and Kristen from Augusta and kitchens and hot tubs and college students, but I don't feel like writing it all down.)

(Also, fuck you.)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Arkansas license plate


I'm road-tripping with my parents.

At first I'm driving through Ohio and kind of just going because I assume just going will get me to where we want to go.

All of a sudden I need to know where we are because the road has turned from highway into town road. And the car in front of us has an Arkansas license plate.

Turns out we are in Arkansas. And I hate Arkansas.

I ask my dad, who is in the back seat, where we went wrong and how to fix it.

He tells me to take a right up ahead onto some "highway". And I follow him, because he's got the tiny atlas.

This highway ends up being a dead-end on some peninsula. We decide to stay at the hotel there to figure out how to get out of Arkansas and back on track.

My dad just ends up pissing me off because he cannot read the maps. I take them from him and devise my own plan to get out of this state and on to the next one. Somehow this involves going through Tennessee.

With my hatred for Arkansas I end up pissing off a lot of locals. Especially two men who are helping us with our stay at the hotel.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Living Bones 'n' Airports


Dream one:

I felt the urge to donate my bones. The ones I didn't need so much, like some of the ones in my feet and one in my arm.

Because there was a severe need for alive bone.

And I always feel compelled to donate. Because I'm a bleeding heart. And I have more than I need.

So I did. And it turns out there's a long recovery time; my muscles needed to find new bones to reattach to.

For awhile I was kind of like a blob of a person.

Dream two:

In an airport. Or on my way into an airport.

Zack's there. And a couple of other people.

We're going somewhere.

It's raining outside.

The chick looking at my ticket is shocked to learn that I am older than she is. She could have sworn I was in high school.

We board the plane last. Find lame seats.

People step on my bag under the seat.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Burning Wedding


At my parents' kitchen table, they tell me they have decided to burn all of their wedding photos.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dance Swords


I'm on a boat, then end up on a weird series of docks in England that are more like a weird pier.

On the end of one of these docks in a large building. Inside it's a high school dance. Like real high school dances, my friends are too cool to hang out with me, so I wander around solo looking for people.

In another room towards the back of the building, Alex B is playing guitar alone. There are people packing up other instruments and equipment around him before he's finished.

I go back out into the main room and my friends are still too cool to hang out with me. So I head back out to the docks.

Someone suggests a restaurant up on a different dock that has an American owner. Me and some people from my Iceland/Scotland trip go. Eat some salads. Hang.

When I leave I'm in a car driving at night. I pass a gas station that has a group of people I recognize out front. I pull in and then head into the convenience store.

Two people end up sword fighting. I'm terrified I'm going to get hurt. I decide to run and find a hiding place.
I go up some stairs and hide in a closet sized room behind an Asian man.

The sword fighters end up fighting right in front of the room for a while and I think I'm trapped.

They eventually move and I head back down to my car. All the people out front are English and they don't like me much. I try to get away in my car, but when I put on the brakes nothing happens.

Some guy tells me to turn my wheel to the extreme right. I do.

He comes over and pulls out a mozzarella stick. He tells my to turn to the extreme left. He pulls out another mozzarella stick.

My brakes work. I leave.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hidden Ping Pong


A ton of people are hiding from Jo in my house, but not doing a very good job at it.

She comes in, finds everyone awkwardly hiding under chairs and behind their hands.

I tell her I was having a party with all the former AmeriCorps and didn't invite her, so I didn't want her to feel bad when she came over.

Zack comes over to sit on the couch with me, tells me about this table tennis competition.

Everyone piles into a couple cars. We drive down to the Wells plaza with Hannaford in it.

I have one sock on my foot, and one in my back pocket. Everyone else is getting ready.

It's really hot outside.

I leave the windows open a crack and put up one of those sun visor things in the windshield.

People start heading over to the place where the table tennis competition is, but Jo and I wait until everyone is inside.
While waiting, I put on my other sock. Jo complements me on them.

We head inside, and most everyone is getting registered.

One kid I'm with really wants to find Matt S. We look all over the place and can't find him. When we go back to the line, he's right there (with a beard).

Monday, April 4, 2011

[personal, totally conscious update]

To the three people I haven't actually spoken to who might be looking for new, weird, crazy person dreams:

Shit got nuts, yo.

I have a couple dreams written down on paper that I need to get in here, and many dreams I have not tried to remember.

When things settle down in awake time, then I can get back to asleep time.

G'night 'n' sweet dreams.