(Pardon the grammar, but these are just quick write-ups of my dreams.
They are not essays or great works of literature. Just dreams, folks. Don't be hatin'.)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shrimp Halloween Dinner


Dream 1:
My whole immediate family is at what, in my dream, is the Manchester Airport. We’re there seeing my mom off somewhere. My dad goes with my mom to wait somewhere else, while Ian and I go to the airport Dunkin Donuts. There’s a sliding, automatic door at the entrance, and all around the counter are sliding glass doors; like shower doors.

Ian and I are sitting there, and I ask him if he would like something. He’s all, YEAH! And gets up to go order.

He orders every donut with chocolate on it. Even if it’s just chocolate sprinkles. EVERY CHOCOLATE DONUT. And I freak out. I tell him I meant ONE donut, not every donut.

Then he’s like, but I got this one for you.

And he hands me this donut that looks like a fritter but it’s chocolate. I bite into it and it’s a filled donut.

With shrimp jelly stuff.

Dream 2:
I’m at this restaurant thing with some people. It’s just a bunch of picnic tables under a tent or something and there are tons of beer taps. Any beer you want, they’ve got on tap.

I sit down at this table and across from me is Tammy. And I look at her until she realizes it’s me. She’s not as excited as I am. But I get up and shake her hand. I’m actually sitting next to her friend and she asks me what we looked like when we were young.

I happen to have my makeup box thing next to me that has this photo of our like 3rd grade class in it. So I show it to her friend.

It’s also like super dark in this place.

Then people start throwing these little tiny balls around. I guess it’s some kind of game and someone tries to explain it to me. But I end up just kind of tossing them instead of throwing them towards whatever target there was.

Now there’s this HUGE screen and people are setting it up to play video games. All the tables disappear and everyone can play this thing like the Xbox Kinect. It starts out like a puzzle and people are putting the pieces together. Then I start playing, but then I leave and end up going down this dark hallway.

It feels like I’m in Rob Zombie movie. I am terrified. All sorts of scary things line the hallway. Like monsters and skeletons and lights and there is just this overwhelming sensation of terror.

I run through and end up coming to this creature that is totally out of House of 1000 Corpses, but I’m not scared at all. Instead I grab it and drag it up to a jail cell and lock it up. Then I run back through the scary hallway thing again. At the end I’m confronted with another burnt, gooey, monster thing and I take it up to another jail cell.


After the third monster bad-guy thing I start going down the hallway, but I start punching things instead and unplugging lights and stereos.

I go to unplug another set of lights, and there’s this guy taking a photo. And when the lights go out he gets bummed out.

I’m now in a Halloween store and telling everyone the place is closed. We close at 9. And I’m the only employee.

So people start leaving, but at the same time TONS more people start coming in. And I’m pushed away from the cash register and I try to get back to it by trying to fly or swim and it doesn’t work. There are just too many people.

Dream 3:
James, Chrissy, Roland and I are around a table. James is obnoxious. There's dinner on the table. Chrissy tells James he's obnoxious.

That’s essentially it.

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