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Monday, March 14, 2011

Paper Bag Coupons


I was delivering some fried chicken to a house. The two people who ordered the chicken both had greasy, long, black hair. The man was short and the woman was very robust.
I informed them that the bill was $20.
The just sat down in their living room; him in a chair, her on the floor. They pulled the chicken out of the greasy paper bags and just ate it.
I stood there, telling them that I had more deliveries to do and that they owed me $20.

They ignored me.

I told them that I was going to call the cops on them. Then I asked them what the number to the local police station was; I didn't want to call 911 because this wasn't an emergency.

The man got me his laptop to look up the number.

I went outside to call.

I never called. Instead I started shoveling off their porch. But I guess it was like a duplex or something, because a bunch of people started walking up the steps, looking at me like I had two heads or something.

Then the man came out and just handed me a bunch of paper stuff. I assumed it was payment.

I got back in my car and started to drive off when I noticed that none of the things he handed me looked like cash. One was a long, skinny sheet of paper with his information on it (kind of like a business card). Another was a coupon for whatever the woman did for work. The third was another coupon, but for a product, not a service.

When I got back to work I went on a tangent about these people to my boss. He took me aside and explained that these people pull this scam all the time. They just put up with it. It's okay.
Chill out.

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