(Pardon the grammar, but these are just quick write-ups of my dreams.
They are not essays or great works of literature. Just dreams, folks. Don't be hatin'.)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Basement Leotard


Dream uno:

I'm walking with Betsy (Sparkling Cat Treasure B) down a street lined with shops. Kind of like downtown Portsmouth, NH. We end up walking behind this guy holding a GIGANTIC gun pointed at the buildings as he walks by.
B and I walk past him, not at all worried.
I look back at the guy as he's walking past a cloth/fabric shop and tell Betsy that the woman that owns the place is a major bitch.
She ends up tearing out of the store to berate the gun guy.
Betsy and I giggle and head into an over-priced jewelry store.

We look at gaudy earrings and goof around the store.
Then I need to use the bathroom.
I ask the store owner if they have one, and she tells me to go down the hallway, down the stairs, and there it is.

The toilet is essentially in the middle of what looks like a basement.
And it's filled to the brim with dirty water. Which obviously means it's clogged and I can't flush it or it will overflow. This also means that I can't use it because it will overflow.
And now, of course, I am naked.

I run around the basement looking for things to pee into. It's becoming an urgent matter. I notice another room off to one side.
I peek into it and notice that it's a laundry room, and one of my meteorology professors is in there.

I dart away from that room and find a small trashcan.
I begin to relieve myself when Dr. H. comes out to grab a bottle of detergent. I try to stop urinating, but can't really, and it just all goes down my legs.

Dream dos:

Dr. Alex Karev (from Grey's Anatomy) and Courtney (from The Biggest Loser) are dating.
(I'm not a part of this dream, just watching.)
I know that Courtney has hidden from Alex recently.
Alex brings Courtney out of where he used to hide from the world. It's in the desert, in a crater looking thing.
There's a blanket on the ground, some weird piece of electric equipment, and a can of Coca-Cola.
Alex tells Courtney that he doesn't want to hide from her, and asks to put the GPS coordinates of his hiding place on her phone. He hooks some wires up to her phone and the deed is done.

He then offers her some cake.

She refuses. Continually.

Eventually the pressure to eat some cake breaks her, and she takes a bite.
Then she starts turning bright red and hyperventilating. Finally she passes out. She is allergic to cake.

Alex freaks out and ends up dragging her into a shed-looking place.
He creates a make-shift syringe out of a power drill and sticks it in her shoulder.

He's super upset and crawls into a bed. I turn into a real person and crawl into bed with him to comfort him. I try to cuddle. Then someone interrupts and Alex leaves.

I'm a doctor. I go out of that room and I'm in a hospital. I head for a door into a hallway, but the door is heavier than I expect and an old lady behind me laughs at my terrible attempt at opening it.
I walk down this hallway and pass a gym where doctors are playing volleyball. One is wearing sunglasses. And I know she always wears them.

I walk down the hallway and past a certain point it turns into a school hallway filled with students. Matt S is there, singing.

I'm wearing a leotard. And I'm late for class.

I rush up a stairwell and can't remember which class I'm supposed to be in. Math? English? I see someone I think I have a class with and jump into a desk.

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